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The Parliament is Supreme!

The Lokpal Bill was passed by the Loksabha on 27.12.2011 and thereafter was placed before Rajya Sabha on 29.12.2011. Though the same was easily passed by the Lok Sabha, it was prima-facie a difficult task for the Government to get it passed from Rajyasabha. The UPA Government knew that it didn't have much majority in the Rajyasabha but still the debate on the bill started. Later it was in the news that more than 187 amendments have been moved by the opposition and the allies of the government. 

The whole day the government was busy in pleasing its allies to support in the passage of the bill, whereas the debate in Rajyasabha was getting hotter and hotter with the allegations of corruption against the government and the party. The debate mentioned one of the former PM of India who was named in the reputed Swiss magazine wherein it was stated that how much money is stashed in his accounts and the account number. 

After so much of blame game the news started doing rounds that the Government may orchestrate a disturbance in the parliament and may adjourn the house sine-die so as to avoid the vote on the amendments in the bill. The opposition at around 09:30 PM inquired from the Chairperson of the Rajyasabha for the ruling whether the debate will continue till 12:00 AM? and, whether the voting will be held after that? This all lead to some sort of the confirmation of the news that something mysterious is going to happen.

At around 11:00 PM there was some disturbance in the Rajyasabha by one MP named Rajniti Prasad, and it fizzed out getting no support from other MPs present in the house. The attempt to create disturbance was very well averted by the opposition. The house at 11:30 PM asked the speaker if the session will continue after 12:00 AM and had also expressed that majority of the house is ready to work and requested the Chairperson to extend the debate as the house is in the session.

Government, through parliamentary affairs minister came out with the excuse that the permission to debate is only till 29.12.2011 and as at 12:00 AM the date will change the house cannot vote on the issue. The united opposition asked for the ruling of the chair on the issue, but the chair very conveniently kept mum and immediately at 12:00 AM announced national song to be played and adjourned the Rajya Sabha Sine - Die.

Parliamentary affairs minister while the house was in session said that its the governments prerogative to decide till how long the parliament will function. THE WHOLE DAY THE PEOPLE OF INDIA HEARD FROM MPs ... PARLIAMENT IS SUPREME.


WE THE PEOPLE are only limited to the speeches and the Parliament is supreme only when We the people ask for the role in the law making process. Who holds the key to democracy? The parliament, The Government, The Courts or We The People? 

-- Punit B Juneja

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