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Force Majeure Issues and Concept - With regards to current situation caused by Covid 19 Pandemic

Webinar by Senior Advocate Shri Saurabh Soparkar on "Force Majeure"



Senior Advocate Shri Saurabh Soparkar today took a Webinar for members of Gujarat High Court Advocate Association on the Topic "Force Majeure - Issues and Concept". It was a wonderful webinar and covered va…

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Right to Information Act 2005

This Act provides for the Right to Information to Citizens and also the machinery to ensure that the citizens get the information as sought under this act. Objective of the Act is to hold Government and its Instrumentality accountable to govern and to ensure transparency and informed citizenry w…

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Lecture on Consumer Protection Laws in India

Lecture Delivered to Students of Faculty of Law, Marwadi University, Rajkot via Zoom Video Conferencing. The topic was Consumer Protection Laws in India. Was a wonderful experience.

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Lecture on International Commercial Arbitration In India

With increase in International Trade and Cross Border Business Transactions, Cross Border commercial Disputes are getting common and therefore need of mechanism for effective dispute resolution and for preserving business relations arise. INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION has emerged as a preferred opti…

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